The Fascination of Sick




This is something I’ve been wondering about since many years….

When I first came to the USA, I said: “Oh look! They have commercials for medicines on the TV. How strange!” Where I came from, that was not the case.

I found these commercials for medicines slightly annoying, then.

And now?

Now I wonder what any kid or immigrant will think of the American people. Will they not think that every American – or at least every other American – has some kind of hidden disease since they need so many pills and procedures, and that it would maybe be better to stir clear of them? Or, at least, don’t shake hands? Ever!

I wonder what little kids are thinking.

I know that while my child was younger, I would switch channels when the commercials for “erectile dysfunction” came on, because I didn’t feel like explaining it to him….

But wait! There is worse:

I find it quite sickening how doctor and ER shows seem to pop up on TV; during prime time, no less. There is even a WWII field hospital show, with blood and gore galore.

Personally, I fail to understand why anyone would want to watch that kind of pain and gore as “entertainment” but it seems that the “grand public” loves these shows, since they don’t go away.

And the summit is?

Choosing to watch others (albeit actors) suffer is not reserved to adults.


Kids get their own hospital shows on Saturday mornings; …. featuring animal doctors. No actors here! Indeed, our sweet little angels get to see real-life hurt and sometimes dying animals, broken bones, X-rays, blood, and operations, with Rx commercials in-between.

In the end, I wonder if “obsession” is not a better word than “fascination” for what seems to be the preferred American TV show time.

I also wonder when we’ll get to see the first show “At the Dentist’s!”