A Very, Very Long Way to Healing….

(I apologize: this is a long story because it covers such a long time….)


red cross


I’m almost too scared for telling the good news…

Some of you may know that I have suffered since about six years of a digestive disorder where my body reacts to a great number of foods (with crazy bloating, severe pain, hot flashes, skin problems and, most of all, diarrhea).

Pretty much everything YOU can eat, I could not eat anymore.

The list included (but was not limited to) gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, pork, oats, plums, strawberries, cabbage, onion, garlic, celery, peppers, peppermint, melons of all kinds, baking powder, etc. etc.

The problem was progressive and in the end I had almost 70 foods on the “don’t” list.

I was often very depressed.
My social life was pretty much ruined: I could not invite or be invited for a meal, I could never eat in a restaurant, I could not travel anymore unless I was able to cook for myself.

I was waiting for “Obamacare” so that I could go see a doctor.
Finally, I saw a generalist, had a great number of tests done, was sent to a specialist, who prescribed a treatment, which…

…didn’t work!
Then, all that doctor did was pushing a colonoscopy on me, which I refused, since my problem is in the small intestine and therefore at the other “end” of the digestive tract. I wanted to be healed, not have unrelated and expensive procedures done.
After my refusal, he lost interest, gave me a (minimalistic) copy of a certain diet that I should follow and said if I did I would be healed.
75% of the foods listed I couldn’t eat, and some of the few foods I could still eat would have been banned by that diet. I did not follow that diet because I knew it wouldn’t help. (I’ve been on a greatly restrictive “diet” now for several years and things only got worse…)

I called the insurance to ask if I could see another specialist.
The answer was no.
They only covered that one outfit.

This happened at the beginning of last year. I had to wait until the end of the year to change insurance.

New insurance, new doctor… he prescribed the ONE drug (it’s a very specific/special antibiotic) that is mentioned in all online discussions of the condition I have. It seems everyone who has ever heard of this disease knew about this drug… except the previous doctor!

I got the prescription, went to the pharmacy, but…. turns out that the doctor office had to fill out a special request for the insurance because the drug is so expensive (I believe it’s over 500 hundred dollars for 2 weeks’ treatment).

In the end, the insurance refuses to pay.

Will it ever end?

Will there be more and more roadblocks?

Have I not been sick long enough?

Lucky for me, the doctor’s nurse told me that she had enough samples for a 2 weeks’ treatment. She gave them to me; I did the treatment for two weeks and…


I’m very cautious about saying this. I’m sooo scared that it isn’t true, or that it will all reverse again to “same as before.”

I’m not 100% healed, though, but I CAN eat foods from my “don’t” list. I haven’t tried all the forbidden foods yet (this situation is only a few days old), but I’m sooooo excited about the foods I tried and my body didn’t go crazy.


You have no idea how it feels to eat something yummy again after so many years!

You have no idea how wonderful it feels to eat things that are actually tasty!

I hope and pray it stays that way and/or gets even better.