Sometimes, I Could Just Cry…




Sometimes, I can barely stand it anymore

How people sacrifice humanity

 – Their humanity –

On the altar of

Convenience, speed,

Distraction, carelessness,

And sometimes money.


Today in the city

I saw a goose crossing the road.


Geese mate for life!

His/her mate stood on the side of the road

And hollered…


I braked.

The driver in the lane next to mine braked,

The drivers behind us braked,

I tapped the horn a bit

And the goose ran to its mate.



Later, I meant to take a walk

Around the pond where the geese hang out.

From far I saw

A goose lying on the road


Unable to get up

Helplessly flopping

Obviously hit by a car

With his/her mate

Standing on the road side

Helpless, and



I can’t believe that some idiot

Couldn’t be bothered to brake

Near the pond

Where the geese live!


Now traffic parted

Around the hurting, helpless goose.


I turned around and ran away,