A Whole City Snowed In…

I remember it as if it were last year: when all traffic came to a standstill because of the snow…. for THREE days… in a city of +/- 200,000 people.

I was young, then, and had been dancing the night away in a club. When we went into the club, it was barely snowing and all streets and sidewalks were clear. When we came out, there were…. 2 feet of snow!
And it kept snowing….
No bus or taxi was moving and we had to walk home… in dance shoes and attire… in 2 ft of snow…

This was in Geneva, Switzerland, in February 1985.
Geneva has normally a so-called micro-climate where it barely ever snows more than an inch, per winter…. Thus, the city does not invest in snow plows. There are a couple of plows at the international airport, but that’s about the extend of it.

The most strangest thing with all this snow?
It was the silence!

No car or truck could pass, no bus, no tramway, not even a tow truck.
It started snowing during Saturday night. When people had to return to work, many couldn’t make the commute. But just as many… put on their boots and walked. I was one of the walker, my job was only about 1 1/2 miles from my home.
It was very funny to see the sidewalks filled with people, and some skiers on the roads.

People tried to dig out their cars, but soon gave up because there was nowhere to drive anyway…

So the city bent to mother nature, and the people…. just enjoyed what was there: piles and piles of snow.

In the end, the military had to be called in to help clear all that white wonder away. For days, they’d run their equipment and dumped the snow in the river.

It was Geneva’s historical snow!

I was inspired today because – FINALLY – we had the tiniest little bit of snow here in SW Idaho. The children, out of school since 10 days, have been waiting for it. But nature has been deceiving… it cannot be more than 1/4 inch. Just enough to scrape a few snowballs together…