Random Beauty

I was talking about beauty, which gave way to the idea to write a blog about beauty.

I would love to make a list, here, telling one beautiful thing after another. And I will line up that list in just a moment or two. First, however, I would like to warn the adventurous reader who lost his way and ended up on my little blog about my intentions. I will not talk about beautiful roses or sunsets. Oh, I could write pages about sunsets, I so love to watch them (yes: “watch,” not “see,” since they are ever-changing, from second to second).

No, much rather I wanted to talk of random beauty. The one that you see and don’t see. The one where your eyes brush lightly over it and only stop for a fraction of a second. The one that the brain doesn’t really see, doesn’t really notice, but that will lift up your spirits anyway, for just a tiny little bit. Many random things hold beauty, for those who want to see. Beauty creates happiness, so why not taking the time?

Random beauty:

a weed growing out of a tiny crack in the pavement
the spark in the eyes of my little dog when she waits for me to throw her squeaky toy
the light of the city reflecting off low-hanging clouds in the night
a ripple on the water
the dry grass on the almost barren, wind-swept, high desert foothills, here around Boise
my child…. always my child
the criss-cross of early morning airplane trails in the sky, shining like silver in the rising sun
a roaring lion (saw it in the zoo not long ago)
water droplets from a sprinkler in the setting sun
the patterns of various fields, as seen from far away
my child sleeping
a sprout of any kind poking through the dirt
people, especially the very young and the very old
rocks, when you take the time to examine them closely
railroad tracks
fishing piers
smog at sunrise
storm clouds (“wild” is very beautiful…)
patterns…. I don’t know why, but many patterns – big or small – look quite beautiful


These are only examples of random things that can be very beautiful, if only we stop and look at them. I think that is the whole magic: “stop and really look” instead of letting the eyes glide over it and already thinking of something else.

I would continue the list, but I’m sure I would bore you.
Or not?

Why don’t YOU continue it?
Add your own “random beauties” to it in a comment?
I would love to read them.