Random Evil Seeking Random Victims

the dark side

After my “Random Beauty” blog, I was tempted to continue writing mostly nice stuff.
Alas…. life tends to dish out random niceties sparingly, but pile the crummy parts high.

Thus… this post is about a random stalker/peeping-Tom who has arrived in our (my son’s and my) life with a big BANG toward the end of last week.

It started with a knock on the door at quarter to 11 pm. When I inquired through the closed and locked door, a male voice that I do not know gave me a story of a lost puppy after freshly moving to this neighborhood, and did I not maybe take that dog in? And could he have a look? (NOT likely, no-no-no!)

I wasn’t sure if anything of the story was true (maybe true and drunk?) and remained polite but firm. After about 10 min. through-the-door-conversation he left. I’m certain that my dog’s barking has helped to get him to move on.

Or so I thought…. until shortly before midnight, when a “bump” on the back porch alerted the dog. I went to peek through the window at the back door. A guy had taken one of my garden chairs, set it facing straight toward the back door (me!) with him sprawling on it and fondling himself.

I called the police. But he had run off. I don’t know how he looks since I only got a glimpse and it was very dark on the back porch. However, I’m sure that I do not know that man.

So… WHY did he single me/us out?
Why would he come and harass us?
What’s the darn motivation???

Random – random – random….

He must have seen us, and figured that I/we would make great random victims for his perverted person.

He very much miscalculated!
I will not be anybody’s victim. During the last days, I have already set up a whole arsenal of precautions, and talked about it in detail with my boy so that he would know what to do in the worst case. I was not prepared when this guy showed up for the first time, but should he ever decide to come back, I WILL be prepared and will fight back.

The one who really suffers is my boy: he is too little (9), and it is not in his character to get over the idea of being a victim easily. I try to lead by a good example, but a child who was already fearful is a slow learner for these things.

My life was fine before that pervert showed up. I had a good life, with projects and plans.
He messed up more than I want to admit: I have now always thoughts about our security at the back of my mind, no matter what I do in or around the house.
It does get in the way with tranquility!

Now I know how random victims feel, even though nothing has physically touched me or my child.
It is a wake-up call that feels ice cold down my spine: never will I feel safe and snug again. Never! Evil can single me out randomly, without any particular reason. And even though I refuse to be its victim, I still have to deal with it… daily…. nightly.