The Ultimate Cash Cow of the Car Industry


key fob



You’d think it’s starters, or tires, or headlight covers ($200 and up!) or any other car part that needs sometimes replacing and that costs a packet to do so, where dealerships and manufacturers fill their pockets on the side.

But no!

You would be wrong…

The ultimate cash cows are key fobs
and corresponding ignition part.


A year ago, my key fob acted up. I switched to the spare one, but that began acting up as well, meaning the car doors wouldn’t lock or open and the car wouldn’t start.

In the end, I had no other choice but take the car and key to the dealership (the repair shop wouldn’t touch key fobs). They told me that I needed not only new fobs, but also a new ignition.


The whole bundle – installed – cost …

… guess…

… over $900!!!

I mentioned to the guy that they (dealer) made nice money out of this stupid invention but he said they only got paid for the work, that the parts were so expensive to start with.

Maybe I believe him. Maybe not.

Either way it’s a great way for them to milk the drivers.

That was one year ago.
Luckily I had still some insurance that covered half of the cost of these brand new parts.

Today… I had difficulty starting the car.


(There is no warranty on electronics and my insurance ran out…)

Just give me a regular key and ignition any day….