I was born and raised in Switzerland, with a 2-year “excursion” in Germany when I was very little. I grew up in the German part of Switzerland.

When I was 19, I went to Paris, France, where I studied French at the Institut Catholique and lived and worked as a au-pair-girl in the 8th arrondissement, for one year. Paris…. what an adventure! Coming directly from a small Swiss village, it was quite a culture shock.

After that year abroad, I came back to Switzerland and settled in Geneva. I liked the “French way of life”.
It was during my nearly 20 years in that city that I did a lot of my traveling. I explored Europe, from England to Greece and Turkey, I went to North Africa and Black Africa, and – on a round the world trip – I did some island-hopping in the south seas.

And then I decided to leave Switzerland and move to the USA in 1997.

It was a big decision, followed by 2 years of meanderings in North America, all the way from Vancouver Island, Canada, to one of the islands of Honduras, passing by the USA and Mexico.

Now, more than 10 years later, I live and play in Idaho and share my life with my son who is nine. We have a good life and I enjoy being a mom. He is the best I have ever had in my life…. he’s my little hero, every day!

My next step is a higher education. A year ago I wrote: ” Just how high it will get… I don’t know… 🙂 But I expect to earn a degree and then be finally able to work in a job that I like.” In the meantime, I’ve started college and enjoy it. I couldn’t decide what to study, so I opted for a very general Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. I hope that something more precise will crystallize along the way…

I’m privileged, I know. I’m happy about it, but I will also never forget.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sabine, nice to catch up with you. I didn’t realize you were in ID. Your blog makes interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.

    (from Penwheels)

  2. Jaimie,

    This is great! A totally unexpected comment. Great to “hear” you!
    I will e-mail you, where it is more private. 🙂

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