A World Without Honor…

fleur de lis


picture from Wikipedia Commons, Fleur-de-Lis on old concrete wall (now demolished), author unknown



This world is particularly amiss of honor.

Like never-satiated beasts

I see people lying and cheating, their eyes alight with greed,

I hear politicians promise the moon… and then some

Without ever having the slightest intention of fulfilling

Even the smallest of their promises,

Other than those that enrich themselves.


I see people walking passed those in need, their heart unmoved

Except for experiencing the nuisance

Of a spoiled picture in the middle of their day.

I see churches feeding only themselves,

Ignoring the needy at their doors

Because it would be too much trouble to care.


I see wealthy countries moving their vile refuse to poor places

Contaminating faraway landscapes and peoples

For derisory sums paid to corrupt governors.


I see parents abandoning their children,

Or even worse: selling them to the highest bidder,

I see the hopeless finding refuge only in chemicals,

I see young people killing themselves,


Because greed has eaten honor

And devoured any helping hand.


I see the internet awash with wicked rhetoric

With fakes and lies and wannabe beasts,

I see the world going down in the flames

Of climate change and global warming

While heartless old men declare that it is not true

Because it would impede on their power and that of their cronies,

Thus compromising the very future of our youth and our planet.


Alas, honor has gone out of fashion…

The feeling of looking in the mirror

And knowing that we’ve done the right thing

That we’ve stood tall and unwavering

No matter the cost or effort….

Indeed, honor has long been sacrificed

On the altar of greed and pride and self-importance….