Yes, We ALL Can…!

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We’ve seen those dreadful pictures of wild animals stuck in plastic. Whether they are caught in plastic bags, six-pack holders, or other pieces, the poor animals can’t get out of them on their own and often die a slow and terrible death.

We think there is nothing we can do about it since packaging is what it is.


We CAN do our part or parts.

Here are some easy and simple ideas:

1) Cut it up, as seen in this photo.



2) Take your reusable bags to the store when you go buy groceries, or use paper instead of plastic.



3) Don’t use one-way plastic to wrap your boxed lunch. Instead of plastic bags, employ washable, reusable containers and wrap your sandwich in wax paper, it works very well.



4) When you receive an online order with piles of “giant bubble wrap” for filler, check this extra plastic for fine print. Chances are there is a place mentioned where you can send it for recycling, or it gives you instructions on how to recycle.




5) Use biodegradable baggies for dog waste.



6) In our area, the grocery stores have a drop-off box where we can drop off plastic grocery bags that we don’t use anymore. Take them there rather than putting them in the trash.

plastic bags


7) Recycle everything that is accepted in your area.




It’s not that hard…

There is quite a list of things that everyone can do in order to keep wildlife from being trapped in plastic and to reduce the quantity of plastic we use.





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