Drapes at The Windows

Mask 2


In this country, many houses have inside blinds or drapes at the windows. Few houses have the kind of heavy outside shutters that I grew up with in Switzerland.

But never mind what it is that people use to cover their windows with, the point is to put some kind of shield in place when it gets dark. (Granted, I see more and more people who leave the blinds closed all day, but that would be the topic of another blog.)

>>> Why do we feel the need to pull drapes or blinds when it gets dark? <<<

Is it to keep preying eyes from looking inside, or is it to shut the outside world out so that we don’t see it?

For thousands of years, people feared the night, the darkness. Humans don’t have the kind of eyes that adapt well to seeing in the dark, unlike many other creatures. Outside our habitations, dangers used to lurk in the shadows – and still might nowadays.

dark forest

If that were not enough, humans began to tell each other scary tales of terrible monsters, of man-eating creatures, of horrible things that prowl in the dark and snatch little children if given half a chance.

Early humans must have been terrified of the night.

It is only after our ancestors managed to harness fire and, later, invent electricity, light bulbs, as well as street and portable lights, that man has become more courageous; so much so that he can now venture out and even stay out all night.

Nonetheless – most humans I know or observe pull their drapes at nightfall. When I pull mine,

I always have that split-second

of pure TERROR

that one of the monsters of my nightmares

– whether man or beast, or both –

would stare at me from the other side

of the oh-so-thin glass…..


evil eyes