Those People With Accents…




There are these people who have accents when they speak.

Some of the locals think they might be
or weird,
or not very knowledgeable…

I have an accent.

The other day I said a French joke at work and translated for my American colleagues.

They were all amazed that I talked French!!!

They hear my accent every day but it must not have occurred to them that I must actually be fluent in another language.

I think that a lot of people don’t realize that “those people with accents” actually know thousands and thousands of words in a foreign language, and know how to use these words, too.

Thousands and thousands of more words than the locals who “don’t like” their accents and who think that these foreigners might be suspicious, or weird, or not very smart just because they talk differently.






3 thoughts on “Those People With Accents…

  1. Often ignorant fools who cannot even grapple with the true meaning of fluency. An honest depiction of small town thinking. Interesting to know you speak French 🙂

    • Ah, my friend, good to see you again!! 🙂
      It is sad to know that there are such masses of people in this country who COULD be educated, who have access to education, but who choose not to bother. If I would tell this to all the children I’ve seen in under-developped countries who do NOT have access to education, nor to the internet…. they would not comprehend the choices that kids (and their parents) make here.
      French is my 2nd language, English “only” my third… (LOL, and poeple are shocked that I’ve got an accent…)

  2. bexybexybexy says:

    When I go to France I will speak less fluently and be the one perceived as:
    Weird, or not very knowledgeable…
    Oh wait, I think that happens already anyways here where others speak my “mother tongue”.

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