What Are The Chances…???

Idaho to Switzerland


This week, I went to see a neurologist for my nerve pain.

He asked me where I’m from (“everyone” asks, as soon as they hear my accent) and I told him that I’m from Switzerland. Most people have only a hazy idea of where Switzerland is on the map and don’t ask any further. Not so this doctor. He wanted more details.

So I told him that I grew up in a village near the small town of Solothurn.

And what do you know?

This Idahoan neurologist’s wife came originally from Solothurn!

What are the chances?

Since living in Idaho I have barely ever met people from Switzerland, let alone from around the small place where I grew up. It is all so far away…

And it is NOT the first time something like this happens to me….

When I was pregnant (2002) my husband and I lived full time in an RV. Also, my husband being Native American, I went to see a doctor in the Native American hospital in Ada, Oklahoma.

It was spring and I needed to get some tests and an ultrasound done, but also, we needed to hit the road in order to get in time to our seasonal work-camping job in North Dakota. However, the nurses and scheduling staff were not very accommodating for our RV life style and suggested appointments in a month or so.

Finally, I talked to the doctor about it.

And guess what we found out?

This gynecologist and his colleague were both full-time RV-ers, like us. They worked each six months at the hospital (in turns) and enjoyed the big country during the other six months.

Again: what are the chances?

Do you know many practicing doctors who live the RV life style?

And meeting one there, at the Indian hospital of all places?

Needless to say that my appointments were scheduled within the next week and, soon, we were on our way north.






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