Feminism Has Still a Long Way to Go…


me hiking at Craters of the Moon, Idaho, October 2014


I’m a woman and am not super-militant, despite the title of this blog.
I do clean and cook. I do wear a bra and shave my legs. I do like to dress up at times as well.


(I know you were waiting for the “but”…)

I also work, and I HATE…

totally and entirely HATE

to be stuffed into a stereotypic position of “busy, caring, and loyal underling,” underpaid, talked down to, my intelligence ignored, my ability to learn disregarded, advancement rendered impossible.

I equally hate to be treated as if I had the brain of a fly when I go to car shops, or any other shop for that matter where customer service is male. I hate the jerks who don’t know me but talk down to me and feel qualified to tell me what to do (or not do)

for the simple reason that

they have a penis and a deep voice

and I don’t.

>>>> And don’t get me started on the glass ceiling and the governing body….!

Yes, indeed, feminism has still
a looooooooooong way to go around here.






One thought on “Feminism Has Still a Long Way to Go…

  1. bexybexybexy says:

    Here’s my thing:
    I clean my share, cook my share, wear a bra (sometimes not), shave my legs (sometimes not), like to dress up at times and being a humane~ist I don’t mind anyone doing the same (note: shave their legs not mine). So if hubby wants to wear that red dress again, I don’t mind, but please not again with the short socks and flat, black lace up shoes!

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