Heat Wave…



It is soooo hot,

It takes your breath away

When you dare

Stepping outside

And – worse! –

When you stop in the sun.


The air in your lungs

Seems to turn to burning embers;

Your eyes and nose and mouth

Dry out


And when you blink

You break out in sweat.


Plants wither within a few hours.

Outdoor animals hide.

The homeless seek shade where they can.

Only a few crazy sports fanatics

Dare to jog, run, bike, until…


They will fall over.


It is so hot

That even the flies

– Insects, for goodness’ sake! –

Come and sit on the screen door

En masse!

Because there

It is cooler.


Weather guy says it will cool down.

Soon, he says,

In a couple of days…

He says it will be, then,

In the mid to upper 90’s…

What a great “cool wave!”









5 thoughts on “Heat Wave…

  1. Anna says:

    Heat is not fun! Amazing you manage to write a poem in that heat 🙂

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