About Size That Matters…



Yes, yes, yes, this is my question:

What ever happened to sizes?

You know: clothes sizes.

Most of my adult life, I’ve worn “L”.
“L” shirts, T-shirts, blouses, jackets, coats; all the things we drape over our upper body… Always “L” on account of me being almost 6’ tall (180 cm to be exact; you can calculate the corresponding number of inches if you really want to know).

6 foot tall and arms that are accordingly longer than average, that’s a size “L”.

I was generally skinny-to-average during my adult life, and an “L”–average fit me just fine.

But now…???

Since just a few years, all is changed.

“L” seems now to stand for “large” rather than “long.”
Most of the time, the size deceives me terribly.
Everything seems to have gone “L”- horizontally, without ever adding an inch or two in length.

Thus, I end up trying on an “L” blouse that looks like a small tent on me but whose “long” sleeves end just below my elbows.


So where does that leave me?

What will I wear?

“M” is definitely too short, albeit just right in volume, but lately “L” is no taller than “M”, with decidedly a number more inches sideways.

>>>> What are tall-but-not-large people now supposed to wear, I wonder! <<<<





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