Never Again!




People my age know one thing for sure:

Getting old sucks!

Big time…


And the thoughts we try

By all means

To avoid,

The thoughts we don’t

Allow ourselves to think

And that we hope

No one will ever

Point out to us

Are these:


I’ll never be pain-free again

I’ll never sleep through a whole night again

I’ll never run again (or not very far)

I’ll never bite into an apple again without some kind of dental problem

I’ll never be seen other than “old” or “older” again

People will never again consider that I can learn, evolve, and still think

My hair will never have its color or texture again from when I was young

My wrinkles will never go away again

My body will never heal again like it used to

I’ll never compete again

I’ll never have a baby again

I’ll never get a job without age discrimination again

I’ll never have a young lover again (this might excludes some rich old men)

I’ll never eat foods without fiber again…