Of The Manner How People Wear Their Dogs



Yes, I meant to say “wear,” for how else could one explain all these small dogs that get carried and driven around…

on the lap

draped over the arm

under the arm

on the shoulder

even around the neck

in a bag

in a purse

in a pocket?

Even big dogs get worn at the end of a leash,

in style…

with the current trends of Kennel Club winners, too often with cut ears and tails for their owners’ idea of fashion, shorn and clipped and with ribbons and bows – and sometimes even colorfully dyed fur – as an extension to their master’s style.

And when the poochie is

worn out, used up,

has become useless and/or a fashion obstacle rather than statement,

out of style,

♥ out of love ♥

but now costs in care,

…. dog-wearing fashion aficionados quickly expedite yesterday’s style over the Rainbow Bridge in order to be “in” again and “wear” the newest dog trends.





2 thoughts on “Of The Manner How People Wear Their Dogs

  1. Ellen says:

    Sad but true… so many people own pets (dogs especially) for reasons completely beyond the true need to care for an animal. When a dog nearby barks all day, I feel for it — someone isn’t concerned about it being in distress about something. And that’s just one example.

    People: behave!

    (Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!)

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Indeed, if the dog were happy, it wouldn’t bark. And, as you say, that’s just one example of thousands.

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