The Uprising




We all have become aware of the nasty side of the internet. We’ve seen Twitter wars and Facebook comments so low that they almost touch the inner core of the Earth.

Some of us have been drawn into one or the other of those comment battles, and some – whose names we generally don’t know – are experts at trolling through the posts and comments, at starting a fire out of nothing, and of fanning the flames.

To an uninitiated person, the internet can soon appear like Hell incarnated.

There is an uprising of Hate that sneaks its tentacles through the entire world wide web.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way.

So where does all that HATE come from?

Popular wisdom will tell us that the most hateful posts are often written by outsiders, loners, the socially abandoned. But are there truly so many? And why would it be like a sport for them to troll around and insult, or sometimes threaten, people whom they don’t know, whom they’ve never met, and whom they will probably never meet.

Even when we accept the “loner” theory, does that explain the hate?

Who taught those people their hateful ways?
Why are they only able of this abject emotion?

They are in good company, though. One doesn’t need to search very far before stumbling on nutter groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Neo-Nazis, Gay-People-Haters, Muslim Haters, etc.
And the internet has become one of their tools where they can wallow in these despicable behaviors.

Shall we, then, be surprised when we hear of, or see, ISIS propaganda, some of the most evil ideas that mankind has devised?

There doesn’t seem a “solution” to the now ever-present hate. But society could probably do well by tending to those who feel outcast and offering them more attention and care, so that they will not turn to hate to make themselves heard.

And in the end, the heart can only cry of all this misery and pain….









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