About Nationalities and Citizenship

… and about work and age, too.


never again

I am Swiss.

I live in the USA.

I am 57 years old; my son is 13.

When I left Switzerland 19 years ago, it was a great adventure. I left with two suitcases and a tourist visa. My odyssey took me to Mexico, Canada, and ultimately to the USA, where I am now a legal resident.

In the last few years, I’ve often thought of going back to Switzerland; of showing my country to my son. It is his country as well, of course; he has dual citizenship.

A few weeks ago…


it hit me…

Hit me hard:

I might never again be able to actually

go back and

live in Switzerland.

(Visit, yes; but not live…)


The thought of


is just totally awful…!


… especially for someone like me who likes to have open doors to everywhere in the world, who doesn’t like to be stuck in just one place/country forever (no matter how big and nice the country) and who always prefers


over permanent

any given day.

Indeed, if we don’t leave the USA now, I will be too old to find a job in Switzerland. Like everywhere else, they don’t like to hire people who are over 60. Once retired – after 65 – I won’t have enough money to survive in Switzerland since I used up what they call here the 401k in order to finance my emigration to the New World.

If we go to Switzerland now, I won’t be able to return to the USA, not for living here. A greencard is only good for trips abroad of 6 months or less, beyond that, I’d lose it.

And there goes the dream of returning to the old country…

It makes me sad,



to think

that I’m stuck

in that “NEVER” loop….




5 thoughts on “About Nationalities and Citizenship

  1. Tammi Kale says:

    Yes, that never loop is a tough place to be….

  2. Kai says:

    I nominated you for a couple of awards! Check them out on my blog!xx

  3. Carl Setzer says:

    Seeing doors close has always been painful for me, even in the face of great opportunity.

  4. I of July says:

    Characters, not countries, make up the earthly states of human existence… so don’t despair – wherever you have loved ones you’ll find happiness there

  5. I somehow missed all these comments. Sorry Tammi, Kai, Carl and I of July, for noticing only now.
    Tammi, you are so right. That word “never” is such a drag, isn’t it?
    Kai: thank you, and sorry I’m so late to notice.
    Carl: yes, the pain does not necessarily get smaller because we can do great things; it still hurts to miss out on other things.
    I of July: it is true, there are good people everywhere. However, there are places I love, too, and I’ve always kept in the back of my mind that I would like to go back to Switzerland and live there, maybe… 🙂

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