When It’s Just Too Darn Difficult…

dark storm


Several days have gone by since I last not only wrote a blog, but even checked into wordpress.

Life has just been too difficult.

Sometimes, when things get too heavy or overwhelming, I tend to hide deep inside.

Then, I don’t even want to communicate anymore because all I can think of is the inner pain. I feel selfish and stupid and self-absorbed, but there doesn’t seem to be any good tricks to get my mind to snap out of it.

So I hide.

Until the cloud has passed.

No, not a cloud: a full-blown storm.

Maybe today things look a little better. My son seems less disturbed, less sad, less depressed….

Oh please… if only it could stay that way!!!

(However, the case of my face hasn’t gotten any better: after two tooth extractions, one hole doesn’t want to heal, even with antibiotics.)

It rains outside.

Gray day.

Goes with the mood.

But… at least I wrote it down.

One step up toward the exit of the hole;





6 thoughts on “When It’s Just Too Darn Difficult…

  1. You’re definitely steps away from the exit. You might not be able to see it, but the fact you continue to write means you’re near. Keep writing, keep sharing your thoughts.

  2. Your pic speaks about a scenery in you.

    Keep writing 😉

  3. Kinda Bexy says:

    Right my lovely, I have this suggestion to help both of you. I found this method really helpful and thankfully no catch and no costs. It is the 4 question and a turn around method called “The Work” by a lovely woman called Byron Katie. Here’s a link:
    If you have any problems with it, I’ve been using the method for ages now, years in fact, so maybe I could help you with it? It puts bad thoughts in there place and turns them around to see how kind the universe actually is. Namaste.

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