Questions, Nothing but Questions…





No, this blog is not about the grand existential questions, but rather about small things in the natural world that seem mysterious to me.

I’m not a scientist, but my mind tends to take strange turns and I have questions that no one seems to think of, that aren’t readily asked in public, and whose answers are sometimes really hard to find.

I truly love the internet because it has brought many answers to a number of my questions.

I’ve found out – for example – how whales breathe while they sleep, or where all that ocean water goes when it’s low tide, or if the moon is full at the same time in the northern and southern hemisphere (I did say that I’m not a scientist… 🙂  )

While I was tracking down what makes phosphorescence in the night surf and on beaches (a special kind of plankton, when disturbed), I found an even more extraordinary natural occurrence that can also be seen from space, according to the “milk sea” which is a mysterious ocean glow, with no 100% scientific explanation so far.

Here is what I wonder about

Since years

And have not found an answer as of yet.

Where do all the dead birds go?

Indeed, wherever I’ve been living, whether in Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada, or now the USA, and wherever I’ve been traveling (around the world) there have always been birds.

I love birds, and therefore I notice and watch them.

There are lots of birds almost everywhere.

But there are no dead birds; or barely any.

One might think that they are being eaten… but what about the feathers? Shouldn’t there be feathers still lying around?

Birds live only so long and if there are only half as many birds as humans at any given time, there should be several times as many dead birds during – say – a year, since their life span is shorter.

I have looked around for them (the dead ones) quite a bit and never found much evidence: no feathers behind every tree or bush.

>>>>  So where DO the dead birds go?








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