A Pain in the Neck…


pain in the neck


I’ve got a pain

Sitting on my neck…


It’s a scrawny little beast

But has pointy teeth

And long claws.


It tends to show up after sundown

When the shadows are gone

Making space for the dark.


I’ve got some ice

Running down my spine

When I think of those

Who are prowling in the night;



I realize

That only a thin line


Civility from barbarism

Normality from insanity

Tolerance from intolerance

People from boogeyman

Sympathy from violence

Sane from sick

Balanced from psychotic

Rational from outer space…


An equally thin barrier –

Physical this one –

Such as a simple lock

Or a thin glass pane

Represents all our protection

From varmint and plague.


And it is after midnight

That the thoughts get creepy

And lucidity dictates

That thin barriers

Are no match

For evil.


Better go to bed early…!




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