I’d Rather Write and Create





If you are a writer and/or artist, and you don’t want to spend eight hours a day doing some dreadful job so that you can pay the bills, you must market your creations.



That can mean:

>  Editing your writing ad nauseam

>  Endlessly researching the market, publishers, agents…

>  Editing some more

>  Pestering friends or relatives into reading your stuff and critique it (and often, they don’t have time to do it)

>  Editing some more

>  Touching up your art work

>  Fixing whatever minute speckle might need fixing

>  Finding a frame for a picture, a support for your art

>  Actually framing the picture or fixing the piece of art on its support

> Coming up with new ideas

> Etc.

> Etc.


This is, of course, a full time job…. which you probably need to do besides your bill-paying job, so that… one day… you won’t need your bill-paying job anymore.

But in the meantime….

Besides that salary-job and the marketing-of-your-creations-job, you would actually like to create some new art, write a new story, because it’s in your head since several weeks and you know exactly how it’s supposed to look/sound/feel once you’ve created it.

But when will you find the time?

And there are too many people who say that the creative writers and artists have no idea what “real work” is…







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