Am I the Only One Who Worries…?


no bugs


It is spring in Idaho.
Temperatures have exploded; too early – I concede, but early or not is irrelevant to my blog.

The trees and spring flowers are in full bloom since a few days.

When I walk my dog, I stop to smell the “pretty scent” of all this beauty.

And that’s when I noticed:

NO bugs!

Normally, and in past years, a tree in bloom would literally be humming, for there were always hundreds – or thousands – of bees and all kinds of other bugs gorging on nectar and pollinating like crazy.

This year?

My son and I spotted one bug on a tree covered in blooms.


One tiny, lonely bug… on a whole tree.

I remember how I used to warn my child to be careful around dandelion flowers since bees love them. Now, the bright yellow heads stand deserted, with only grass to keep them company. I searched today and yesterday but couldn’t find any bugs, let alone a bee.

Aren’t you worried, too?

Worried about pollination?
Worried about toxicity of the environment?

I am.


And I ask:

When will people stop dousing every plant with gallons upon gallons of chemicals?

When will the governments stop companies like “the big M” (you might know what I mean…) from producing more fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides than seeds and, thus, killing the bugs that pollinate our food plants?



…..   And now the fight against the spreading Zika virus is probably not helping, either…!






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