I’m a Rain Maker…


rain maker


I swear to you that it’s true!

And I don’t even do it on purpose.

It has happened to me many times…

… that I “made” rain.

I will give you a tip on how to make it rain, if you do need rain for your place. It’s not really a secret; I’ve told it to my friends before.

Here goes:

If you are like me, you hate washing the car; and you wait and wait and find excuses not to do it.

If you’re like me, you are eventually too embarrassed to drive around in a dirty car, especially after the winter, when the original color only vaguely shows through all that dirt.

Time to wash the car.

Time to make rain.

If it rains when you have just washed the car – meaning in the following few days – it is sure to mess up your handiwork. Your car will look almost as awful as it did before you washed it. Therefore, you check the weather forecast before you undertake that dreadful job that’s cleaning the car.

Guess what?

Every single time I wash my car, it will rain within the next few days.


No matter what the weather man said before I started washing the vehicle, s/he will change his/her forecast and be happy to announce rain coming, as soon as I finished with my car wash job.

So that’s it:

You need rain?

Go and wash your car.





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