Cheater, Cheater…. !




Sometimes – when I stop to think – I am horrified at what our societies have become. It seems that so many people try to cheat others (such as you and me) out of things, money, land, inheritances, spouses, income and other dues.

And I’m not even talking about politics…
No, I’m talking about every-day life as we know it.

Commercials promise deals that aren’t true;

Other commercials promise health or beauty that cannot be achieved or restored;

Telemarketers promise trips and gains that just don’t exist;

Hotels double-book rooms and airlines double-book plane seats;

Used car dealers lie through their teeth;

Auto mechanics double-charge those who don’t understand cars;

Sales prices aren’t true sales, but actually just regular prices for previously overpriced products;

Door-to-door sales persons promise superior products that turn out to be of very low quality;

On-line stores sell you things that don’t even resemble what was shown on the photo;

Power and cable companies hit us with strange taxes as high as 30% of the whole bill;

Customer services all over the globe promise to fix our problems but mostly don’t;

People cheat on their spouses and their only worry is not to get caught;

People lie in your face, sometimes for no reason at all;

And governments and government organizations…

… well, they….

… they… !

No, I said I wouldn’t talk politics.


And after all this, after a day of lying and cheating and pretending and making false promises – either to their own or to their company’s benefit – all these people then go home to their families and enjoy a relaxing evening,

without EVER feeling guilty…

… or so it seems.

What a society!





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