Oh Sweet Sugar…!




After years of culinary abstinence and misery due to 70+ food sensitivities, I’m back to the real world, eating “real” food.

But wait!


Is this REAL food?

Ingredients lists of 30+ items on bread?

With stuff like “cellulose” on the list?

Last time I checked, cellulose was mostly in trees. Are they now feeding us sawdust?

And what about the unpronounceable chemicals?
Aren’t they toxic?


And there is worse… (or just as bad)

After years of cooking from scratch with a limited assortment of ingredients (see also my blog A Very, Very Long Way to Healing…  from March 19, 2016) I have now ventured into the for-so-long forbidden aisles at the grocery store and have bought a few prepared things, besides bread. However, old habits die hard and so I keep reading the ingredients listed on each package.

What a shock!

Did you see that sugar?


EVERYTHING seems to be dunked into the sweet stuff.

Doughnuts are almost only “average” when it comes to sugar contents.

Breakfast foods are practically pure sugar.

Frozen dinner, snacks, drinks…. you name it, it’s stuffed with sugar.

You surely wonder how they packed so much of it into our foods and it doesn’t leak out at the edges and show up as some white, ugly and sticky puddles.



Did you ever read on your food packages how much sugar is in each “serving,” knowing that one serving is generally so tiny a measure that any halfway grown human needs more than one?

Try to add it up for just one day….

Oh my!
The result is anything but sweet.




2 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Sugar…!

  1. Ralph says:

    Curious. Do you know what pasta, most “healthy” grains, legumes and the principal ingredient of fruits might be ? Carbs….Yep, AND… Those “Healthy” Carbohydrates will be Dextrose (sugar) soon after ingesting, reaching the stomach and gut….. So ?? (Look it up)

    • Indeed, I don’t need to look it up, I know it.
      However this blog was about all the added sugar, not about regular carbs.
      I don’t want to get into any dispute about one diet vs. another one. That’s why I stick to “just sugar” here…

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