Living Among Cro-Magnons…




You thought they went extinct tens of thousands of years ago?

Think again…

There are a bunch of them lose here in the state, and even in the city.

Some have learned trades,
but that might be the only thing they’ve learned.
Their manners are extremely primitive,
if they have any at all..

Right now, a small group of them is roofing the house next door. “Of course,” they stopped their truck right in my driveway (which goes along that house). When they saw me stop and wait that they’d move the truck, they didn’t. I had to physically go ask (!) them to move their truck. And when they did, it took another five minutes or so until they had the tools, drinks, cell phones and cigarette packs unloaded; finally the truck moved and almost rammed me for – you understand – the guy was by then in a terrible hurry after all that waiting…!

This is not an isolated occurrence, not around here.

It seems that any fixer-upper or tradesman who works on any of the neighboring houses needs to park smack in the middle of my driveway; not to the side so that I could pass, no, that would be too considerate, wouldn’t it?

Another Cro-Magnon has dumped an old TV next to my mail box.

Many neighboring Cro-Magnons drop their trash as they go, especially when they come from the convenience store around the corner: wrappers, beer cans, plastic cups, empty chip bags, you name it, it’s there on the street and adjacent lawns. I guess they have never heard of trash cans…
(Once every so often, I grab my son and two buckets and we clean up the block.)

Then you have the ever-present Cro-Magnons who elbow their way past you in a queue, and those who slam the door in your face rather than holding it open.

And I don’t even mention the language!
Let me just say that it hasn’t evolved a lot since the last few thousand years or so. Sometimes I actually wonder if it’s still English, because – frankly – I don’t know the words or, if I do, I wonder if the dudes know the meaning of what they said.

Civilization still has a loooong way to go…




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