After Yet Another Terror Attack…




I feel so sad for those who died or got hurt,
and for their friends and families.

After finding out what happened “overnight” (as per U.S. Mountain Time) there are a few major thoughts that crowd my mind:

  • How can people be so hateful as to be willing to hurt or kill a number of fellow humans and by doing so, be willing to blow oneself up as well? My mind just can’t grasp this idea.


  • All of a sudden the small city where I live, with its sometimes decidedly backwoodsy character, seems to be the ideal place for raising my son; and all the thoughts of moving back to Europe have been put on hold, at least for the time being.


  • How could anyone prevent this kind of attacks? People cannot and don’t want to just go live in closed compounds on mountain tops.


  • And where does that leave encryption vs. law enforcement? Will there be yet another liberty sacrificed on the altar of terrorism?


Sometimes you wish you could live in a shell….



spiral shell






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