The Joy of Being Able to Eat…


cheese and chocolate


As mentioned in my blog from March 19 (“A Very, Very Long Way to Healing”) … I could not eat foods like you do for about six years, due to a digestive condition that came upon me almost overnight.

Now that I seem to be healed (since a week), I am trying to eat – very, very cautiously – the foods I used to love, foods that I haven’t tasted in years. I remember the last time I ate them: I was soooo sick for 24 hours.
Now I’m scared to try again…

I’m originally from Switzerland and was basically raised on cheese and chocolate.

These were, of course, part of my list of “don’t”s.

I have eaten my first pieces of cheese and chocolate again yesterday.


Oh my!

You have NO IDEA how lovely it is to eat something good,

To eat something you love…

but couldn’t eat for a long, long time.


When eating my first piece of cheese, or letting melt my first piece of chocolate in my mouth, I completely understand the term “comfort food.”

Nothing has ever tasted that good!


Now… bring on those cantaloups, beans, avocado, strawberries, bacon, fish, etc….
Bring it on!






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