You Never Stop Loving


love forever


I read a blog last night that brought me back to thoughts I had many times, since many years…


You Never Stop Loving Someone

 There is no “OFF” switch for love.


This is also true when you are the one who leaves.

We don’t leave because we don’t love anymore, we leave because our characters or wants or wishes clash with those of the person we love, or the situations or families tear us apart.

We sometimes love AND hate.

No matter who leaves, we all stagger away from the relationship hurt, humbled, punished.

There is no winner or loser, there is only together or apart.

There is no love or indifference, there is always love.


I still love today a man whom I loved and left decades ago. He will never be in my life again, I would not want him, but …

Love doesn’t get old

Love isn’t dead because we leave

Love just IS


Also, and this is important, one past love does not get in the way with new love.

Memories and old triggers might (get in the way) if we let them; but love doesn’t.


Thus, when we proclaim: “I will love you forever”

It is







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