Six Word Memoirs


memoir in 6


I once took…

a creative non-fiction

writing class.

One of the assignments was to write a somewhat meaningful “memoir” in only six words.

Not more.
Not less.

Of course, you can’t pack many years into six words, but you can show a moment, or a general idea that covers a longer time span. I wrote a few of those tiny memoirs.

I thought of them tonight because the 4th memoir below blasted in my face.


Here they are:


=>  One child; many ways to worry

=>   Mothering trip: highs, lows and love

=>  Single parenting: double worries, double love

=>   Parenting a teenager: flowers and bombs

=>  Travelling: new setting for daily sunset

=>   Around the world trip: unconfirmed expectations.




If you would like to give it a try and if you don’t mind sharing your creation(s), why don’t you drop your mini-memoir into the comment box below? 🙂





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