Voice-Mail? – Did Anyone Say “Voice-Mail”?


voice mail



After they invented phones, they invented answering machines. After that – and with the help of the internet – came voice-mail.

We’ve all learned to “talk after the tone” or, at least, the older people among us did.

I’m STILL doing it, still leaving a message.

I feel it’s the polite thing to do.

I think it will help the other party so that they know why I called them, before they call me back.

I sometimes leave a date and time when it is useful to call me back because (working with a landline) I’m not always reachable.

Nowadays, though, if I don’t call a business connection, my efforts of being polite and helpful are generally in vain.


Because people don’t listen to their voice-mail anymore.

Indeed, voice-mail seems to be the ultimate bother for the “doing less even if it’s impolite” person, or those who don’t understand the functioning of their phones, or… whatever other reason.

I STILL listen to all my voice mail.

But many people couldn’t care less.
They never listen to their messages.

They call back the number that called them.
To hell with anything better than a cold call.

I’m stunned by so much… ??

… Laziness?

Am I the last dinosaur left?




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