Mom Alone… Understanding ♂ (or) And ♀




I’m not sure how other mothers handle things and cope with their teenage boys. What I’m sure of is that the older my son gets, the more I wish his dad was around.

I don’t think I’m only dealing with puberty, but also with “male vs. female,” meaning that I cannot always comprehend the reasons behind his words or behaviors.

It leaves me feeling inadequate and helpless.

Inadequate as mother, helpless to assist and support my child in this great endeavor which is life.

I’m trying to get through to him but, sometimes or often, I see his eyes looking far, far away when I talk to him, and I know that his thoughts are wandering.

I believe that a dad could maintain a better connection at this age; at least he could if he’d still remembered the time when he was young.

I do remember my puberty, the anguish, the stress, the hormones, the hopes, the waves of emotions, the crushed feelings, yes, I still remember. But all those feelings, actions, and reactions were female. They were different from what I see in my son and his friends.

So I stumble along, trying to understand and speak what I don’t comprehend.

Luckily, there are also a bunch of similarities where puberty equals puberty, whether it’s or .

As a mom-alone, I’m most grateful for those moments when I know what he tells me and when I can see that he understands me.

Mom-Alone: puberty, the ultimate test.






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