The Queen of Loneliness (Flash Poetry)




Today, I was thinking of my situation, of the many years I’ve been alone now (with only my little boy), and why. I’ve been thinking of how each experience of an encounter (all three, lol), a first date, ended in deception, and how, in the end, I won’t even try anymore.
It’s safer.


Flash Poetry:

The Queen of Loneliness

I live in my castle

With a welcome mat out front


You may not come in.


I’ve spent years to build it:

High walls for protection

Watchtowers for detection

A moat for deflection

Of any man who would try

To come in.


I am the Queen of Loneliness

And if you try to approach

I will gage your heart

Spy on your thoughts

Check your social media

(oh yes, even castles stay connected)

And weigh your intentions.


My findings generally

Fall short of my expectations.

And so…

I flood the moat

Lock the gate

Place sharpshooters in the towers

And cannons on top of the walls.

I retire to my chambers

Singing a lonely melody

Oblivious to your strategies

Refusing to meet anyone

Other than my son.


I’m the Queen of Loneliness

I’m not a good catch;

In fact

I can’t be caught.

And so

My heart


Fills with ice.






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