Drive! Just Drive! ….. Now!

Warning: this is a rant….

                                                … from deep down.


scream 2

Image courtesy of MS PPt Clip Art



I’m sure you are familiar with the slogan “just drive,” meaning “don’t text and drive.”

However, laws are not the same everywhere and here in Idaho (should I add “of course”) the law is limited to texting while actually in motion. When you are stopped at a red traffic light, you may text.




We may (or may not) have less people who text while driving, but we have

… a whole lot of dudes

… who

… keep sitting at the green light

… finishing their bloody text

… while we, the others (who only drive!) sit there in line behind them and might miss the green light because the idiot in front takes his/her sweet time with a message that probably wasn’t important in the first place.


If I didn’t feel enraged before while stuck in traffic, I sure feel it now.






2 thoughts on “Drive! Just Drive! ….. Now!

  1. matt says:

    God yes. Then they get all offended when you honk because you’ve hurt their Feeling. Don’t get offended cupcake. GO!

    The levels of Dumbassery Americans have sunk to have me begging the self-driving car come out sooner rather than later.

  2. Thank you for your comment, matt.
    I’m with you on all points. 🙂

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