Do You Ever Cry…?



Do you ever cry when you see how people treat their pets?

I do; I cry in my heart.
(And when I can, I intervene, but that’s not always possible.)


Do you ever cry when you see, hear, or read what they do to the cows, and pigs, and chickens on those “farms” that aren’t farms anymore but production plants?

It breaks my heart each time.


Do you ever cry when you think of how here, in Idaho, they not only kill the wolves (that came of the “endangered” species list not long ago) but  often, they kill them with traps? What a miserable way to die for such beautiful creatures.

I cry. And it makes me feel mad and helpless at the same time.


Do you ever cry when you learn that elephants, rhinos, and many other wild animals are on the brink of extinction and YET… poachers and “big game hunters” pursue them relentlessly for their personal enrichment and “pleasure”, as if a piece of ivory could show our children and grandchildren what these animals were like when still alive.

I would like to scream while crying.




I talk to my dog every day, many times a day.
I love her, and I know she loves me with all her little doggy heart.
And sometimes, when I look into her beautiful eyes,
I think of all the creatures
that are
and some of them soon extinct
on the altar of pleasure and greed.

Do you ever cry…?




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