Just Looking…



I wonder how my life would be if I would not look, observe, and think about it.
I would notice nothing and never have thoughts about anything than my immediate self and family.

Wouldn’t that be weird?

I think so.
On the other hand, people might get the feeling that I’m sticking my nose into where it doesn’t belong and am judgmental.
I guess you can’t do it right for everyone…

Anyway, …

I was looking at dog owners

And I’m thinking about what I see.


I find it “interesting” to notice how many people in this town (and probably elsewhere) have moved their patio furniture in the front of the house. Often, there is little space in the front yard, yet, they squeeze  a table, chairs, a parasol, and a full-size BBQ between driveway and front steps. Come evening, one can see whole families milling around on a lawn no bigger than a twin size bed sheet.

Wait a minute…

Whatever happened to the backyard?

The backyard seems to belong to the dog, or dogs.

You’d think people and dogs could share the same space, especially since the backyard space is ten-fold or more that of the front yard.

So…. Why would people deprive themselves of the nice back lawn, shade trees, and the privacy of a tall fence, and rather hang out in the front yard? Surely the dogs don’t smell that bad.

The dogs don’t, but their poop does!

Indeed, it appears that the people in question never take their dog for a walk and don’t pick up after the animal when s/he goes to the bathroom in the backyard.

I have seen this situation in many places in the neighborhoods around town and I’m really blown away. How can they be so lazy that they rather use the front yard or stay indoors, instead of picking up after their dogs and, thus, being able to enjoy the shady back lawn?

Laziness vs. enjoyment, what a strange trade.






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