How Fast It All Changes!


Zapata house both


There are three things that invariably let us know how fast time passes:

  • How quickly our kids grow (up)
  • Wrinkles showing up “overnight”
  • Places that don’t look anymore like we remember them


Lately, I’ve researched a place where my son and I lived 11 years ago. It was an old, run-down trailer at the outer edge of a small Texas town, only a mile or so from the border.

I love Google Earth where you can find not only maps, but even the very house you used to live in…

… if it’s still there!

I was surprised and shocked to see that the trailer that was our HOME for almost two years is no more.

The neighborhood we lived in is no more.

The whole place is now the apparent headquarters of an “oil field service,” meaning it belongs to an oil drilling corporation.


It is so strange…

On one hand, I can look at photos in and around the trailer from ten years ago…

And on the other hand, I can look at the present-day empty cement pad on the Google Earth image.

Zapata house 1


What used to be a flea market on Sundays, and also a place where we had access to a laundry machine, appears to be now a bunch of administrative buildings of said oil company.


Zapata house 2

the arrow shows where our trailer used to be; and the fleamarket was in the buildings at the upper right of this image


It’s a strange feeling!

 Change comes fast and once it’s done, there is no going back.