Of Males and Misogynists



Sometimes, I feel like packing it in and heading back to Europe when I get truly tired of the latent misogyny that pokes its ugly head a little everywhere.

What truly surprises me is that the men who show this childish and stupid behavior are often in constant contact with the public and should have better skills.

On some days, I feel as if I’m surrounded by a bunch of males who are throwing tantrums!


 Just this week (and it is only Friday when I’m writing this….) a doctor and my landlord both earned the “medal” of lousy behavior and misogyny.

Yesterday, I went to see a new gastroenterologist for my digestive condition that’s ruining my life since 5 years. I’ve seen others before and all that they can think of is that I need a colonoscopy when I know as a fact that the problem is “on the other end”… since symptoms happen only minutes after I eat certain foods. So why would I pay for an expensive procedure if it has nothing to do with my problem? And, yes, even though I have insurance, it seems that I always get left with hundreds of dollars as “co-pay” once things get expensive.

The doc asked if I was accusing him of pushing high-priced procedures on me that are of no used.
I did not say that it had crossed my mind, but I didn’t exactly deny it either. I am very sure that the previous specialist I’ve seen was doing just that: pushing expensive procedures (and when I refused, he lost interest and didn’t offer any plan for my healing).

This new doctor talked himself almost into a frenzy; he was most upset and he did not listen to my reasoning (financial problems). He did not listen at all and I (!) had to calm him down, in the end.

Do these medical professionals not learn any people skills?

The sad truth is that if I were male, this guy would not have behaved like he did, I am very sure of that.

As for my landlord… I called him Monday concerning a plugged up dishwasher. This is a recurring problem and I think something is wrong with the machine. I know it’s not my fault.

No response to my voice mail.

On Thursday, I sent him an e-mail stating the problem again, and writing “follow up to my phone call from Monday” in the subject line.

I received an e-mail in return dealing with the problem, but also adding “… LIFE happens, you know!”

What is wrong with this guy?

How was I supposed to know that he’s got problems in his life?
Besides, everybody does, and that doesn’t keep us from doing our jobs without spreading hateful words around.

There, too, I highly suspect that if I were male, he would not have said what he did.

It reminds me of the A/C guy who came once after I had freshly moved in. I didn’t know that he needed access to the crawlspace, which is through a trap in a storage closet. I had stored stuff on top of the trap. He took one look, started yelling and went outside slamming the door.

Can you believe it?

People in this country, or at least in this state, seem to accept that men can have terrible public behavior, while women should never talk like they do.

I tell you…. it gets more than tiresome at times.




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