What Do They All Have to Say (All the Time)?

cell phone


When on the road, I watch how well people drive, or rather how badly.

I should not, I know, because it drives me nuts.

It appears that the drivers of roughly every other car are on the phone while driving.
Every other car!

What on Earth do they need to tell about … all the time? I mean, there are better places to have a phone conversation than while driving during rush hour.

(Nevertheless, there are worse places as well, such as, for example, public restrooms. I could never understand why anyone would want to have a phone conversation while using the facilities in – say – Walmart, what with all the cute background noise, etc. …)



To get back to phone use while driving, I guess I should be thankful that a great number of people have finally stopped texting while driving.

But, of course, here in Boise/Idaho they are allowed to text while stopped in traffic and, thus, I have missed any (astronomical) number of green lights because some idiot in the queue in front of me had the absolute need to first finish his bloody text message before driving.

My son learns the best swear words in the car…!



>>> The fundamental question remains: what do they have to say all the time?

Personally, I’m perfectly fine driving without talking, especially when it gets a little dicey during rush hour. I’m also fine not letting my friends/family know everything I do when I’m doing it. I don’t feel that I should communicate every thought that crosses my mind, nor ask others about everything and anything that I’m about to do or decide.

In fact, I would be hard pressed talking to others all day long.

When I overhear phone conversations that people have, for example in the grocery store, I must say that most of it is useless banter or just plain brain farts, totally unworthy to be shared.

Therefore…. What the hell!??

Why don’t they just shut up and drive, or – in other locations than their car – why do they feel that they need to share their inner-most thoughts with a bunch of strangers who just happen to be near them?

Talk about neediness and attention grabbing…!
Poor things!