Tracked or Lost?


I listened to a radio talk show, this morning, where they talked about GPS and other direction-indicating devices. One person mentioned a trip in or near New Guinea. He explained how there is one cell tower for a vast area of nothingness and often no electricity. His assessment of the traveler in that place is “being lost” BECAUSE your phone and/or GPS would not work.


I’m a world traveler and I never had GPS, still don’t have it today. So far, I don’t use a smart phone or any other tracking device.

Because I don’t want to be tracked.

And I’ve never felt fear when I was lost.

It seems to me that, nowadays, most people have entirely adopted their technological gadgets and all the things those can do. People KNOW that they can be – and probably are – tracked by any number of organizations (including, but not limited to, the government) and maybe even people.

It is a strange concept to me.

Why would I want to be tracked?

Because I’m so scared of being “out of touch” that I cannot go anyplace without my electronic spy?

Because my fear of being “lost” is so big that I’d rather accept being spied on by any number of unknown eyes?

I’m pushing my questions even further: how many of us could actually get lost? Meaning: how many of us often go to places where there is no one and/or where we don’t know our way? World travel anyone? Wilderness?

Oh heck, never mind: just go and sacrifice any sliver of your “right” to privacy that you still had on the altar of irrational and imaginary fears!




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