After Reaching a Life Goal



I’ve been studying for the last few years. I studied slowly but intensely, while also being a stay-at-home mom and – at times – a home school teacher.

Today, I submitted my last assignment of my last course for my associate degree.

It feels great!

But it also feels strange…

A hole?

What is missing?

No more thoughts at the back of my mind about those fifty-seven pages I should read before tomorrow, or the paper I should write, or the test I must take. No stressful hurrying through parenting and household in order to make time for studying. There is no fear of a particularly difficult exam, or anger about underperforming group members when working on team projects.

It’s all gone.


Heck, what will I do now?


Ah…, yes…., I remember: it’s time to get back into writing.
My manuscript is waiting and blog ideas line up in my mind.

Freedom from stress takes strange turns and has me searching almost immediately for new challenges.