When The Tears Dried Up….


me at “Craters of the Moon”

 When it has been so long that you have struggled


When all the love you had could only be given

To your child

When the empty days and nights were filled with

Busy struggles

To survive

To go on

To provide

To be strong

To be there

To not fail

To carry

To pull

To do it all

Then…. one day… you notice that

You’ve become quite old

And your tears

Are not there anymore.

You’ve been alone

Too long

You’ve been forgotten


You’ve been busy


You’ve been a provider

Not a receiver

Giving love to the child

And comfort and guidance

And affection and care.

But when you look around you

There is no one who gives you


Any of it

At all.

You are alone

And your tears are all dried up.

You are sad but you are used to it.

You have no one

Who holds you

Who gives to you

Who is there

At your side.

Soon the child will leave

Will live his life without you.

You’ll be even more


And your tears are all dried up

And it doesn’t matter

Because there is no one

Who would even notice.




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