How to Improve Your Eyesight

Harris' Hawk

No, this is not a new gimmick from the pharmaceutical industry, nor should you take this blog too seriously.

Here is how you improve your eyesight: get a dog and walk it regularly.

In order to up the ante, get a dog that is skittish about a number of things or/and that would love to eat whatever it finds, whether it will get sick or not.

Indeed, if you walk a skittish or gluttonous dog, you will soon notice all the things that you don’t want to encounter while on your end of the leash. You will notice them from a mile away, or from the corner of your eye, or even with eyes in the back of your head. You will FEEL the dangers before they hit you, or rather hit your dog and then your leash.

Here is a list of the things you’ll learn to see with your newly trained hawk’s eyes:

Other dogs

People with sticks






Bicycle riders

Motorcycle riders

Anyone who carries or pushes or pulls anything

Dropped food, such as candy, cookies, jerky, chips, Cheetos, burgers, fries, etc.

Packages, wrappers, and other containers in which above foods were carried

Soda cans

Beer cans

Dog poop

Bird poop

Fallen leaves driven by wind

Trash trucks


Any kind of big vehicle that might make sudden, loud noises


Chona, summer 2012

my little fuzzy girl

I am the walker of a skittish dog and I’ve learned to avoid any of the above things, except the people/junk food. She is not too interested in junk food. That’s one neat thing when walking her between and around the other aforementioned obstacles. She does like to take a lick off bird poop, though, and will promptly come down with diarrhea.

I can tell you: my eyesight and the processing of the images I see have increased and are now faster than the speed of light. I can react to a dog or skateboard half a mile away before my dog even knows it’s there. I spot dog piles in high grass before my cute little girl gets there, and I notice even the smalles bird droppings on the sidewalk before my dog smells them.

If you want to reap the full benefits of a skittish dog: walk it! Walk it every day!




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