Why You Should Absolutely LOVE Your Dysfunctional Friend or Colleague


I was born and raised in a dysfunctional family and it is clear that – even after years of working on myself – I still hold many dysfunctional patterns in my mind. I was shocked, the other day, when I attended a meeting of a charitable organization and one of the attendees said: “Those dysfunctional people always want to fix everything!”

He said it in a negative way, meaning that it is often not appropriate, nor desirable, to want to fix “everything.” I’m sure he is right in some ways. However, since I am a dysfunctional person, his remark hurt, and it did so in two ways.

For one, and being true to my inner motto, I believe that one should at least try to fix wrongs wherever one comes across them.
Secondly, I found his remark patronizing, as if there is no value to the actions of people like me.

Contrarily to this man’s opinion, I think that non-dysfunctional people (or should I say “functional” people??) should give us dysfunctional beings a medal.


And a huge medal with that!

Aren’t there always people like I who help out while others don’t?

Aren’t we the ones who stay to clean or finish up when everyone else has already left?

Aren’t we the responsible ones who pick up after y’all?

How would any charity manage without the many do-gooders who are trying to fix at least a small piece of the disasters that society has brought on so many of us?

Where – I ask you – would any organization, association, group, or club find enough volunteers if it were not for the many dysfunctional people who are “just helping out?”

Of course, we can’t say “no.” Instead, we right the wrongs; and if we can’t … at least we try really hard!

We try to fix our marriages with great effort, we volunteer at schools, at meals-on-wheels, and everywhere else where you need people who have a heart too big to stay at home.

We are the glue that holds things together
and the oil that greases the gears of society.

Indeed, what would you all do without the “fixer-uppers” who help out regardless of the time, energy, and sometimes even money, they spend on trying to make this world a better place?




One thought on “Why You Should Absolutely LOVE Your Dysfunctional Friend or Colleague

  1. Blackhorn33 says:

    I honestly feel like there are few people that truly care about helping anyone else, unless of course if they are paid.
    I like your Blog, and I like your attitude, keep up the good work!!!!

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