image by migrantthoughts

It amazes me to read, see, and hear of people who spend extraordinary amounts of money for diets.
They do so by…

  • buying high-priced prepared meals that anyone who even halfway tries could cook themselves for a fraction of the price
  • spending large sums on specialty protein shakes and bars and powders which – when examined – contain large quantities of whey or soy, meaning some of the cheapest proteins one can buy
  • paying membership dues to dieting groups
  • paying large fees to doctors who have made dieting their business

As I said: all this amazes me, especially considering the results!

It does so even more when I think how anyone could just heed my grandmother’s advice:

“If you want to slim, just eat half of what you normally would.”


Not only will you keep the dollars for ridiculously exorbitant dieting foods or services in your own wallet, but you’ll even save on the cost of your meals.

…. that simple.