Politics from the Edge


Image created by migrantthoughts with MS PPt Clip Art and Paint

I’m a legal immigrant and greencard holder here in the USA. Thus, I don’t have the right to vote.

This fact doesn’t bother me too much, since I’d have a difficult time picking one over the other candidate, albeit this time around, there seem to be many choices.

Not being able to vote has its advantages: I can look at the candidates and try to see the truth behind their speeches. I’m unbiased in the sense that I don’t need to choose. (I might be biased a tiny teeny little bit about people whose discourse and/or personality I profoundly dislike.)

I can enjoy the show when there are speeches and debates.

There are a few things that have always mystified me, though. One of them is why women would want to vote for a candidate who – quite obviously – has dislikes women, to say the least (and there is not only one of them).

Furthermore, I’ve always been surprised that Christians would want to vote for someone who might be able to quote Bible verses left and right, but who so obviously picks these verses out of context and makes them “work for him” and him alone, while proclaiming that “all Americans” feel that way.

I have little regard, either, for people who pretend to be middle class or, worse, who pretend to be working class, when they are clearly upper crust (or what passes for upper crust around here).

It’s all a show and…

… as often

the candidate might win who

is the most convincing

NOT who has the lifestyle s/he advocates to have.

Yep…. hand me over the popcorn, please.

The show is hilarious.




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