Searching for my Child


Today, just around the time when my 12 year old boy would be boarding the bus to go to his cross country meet, the sky turned black and a massive thunderstorm broke. I called the school to find out if my child was there or was going to the meet.

They told me the bus had already departed.

I said that there was no way I would let my child run around outdoors in this storm.

They told me that all I could do was to go there and collect him from the meet.

I hurried.

Just a few seconds before I left the house, a terrible thunder shook the house. My poor little dog – always so scared – almost jumped to the ceiling; but I had to leave her to her own fears and go get my kid. I wondered why the responsible teachers could be so crazy and take the kids to the meet in a storm!

I drove through a lot of lightning and water and got there 25 minutes later. There was no meet and only a few kids (this is an all-Boise-Middle-school event) milling around.

I found an adult who seemed to know what was going on and she told me that the meet was canceled. However, she had no idea where the kids from my son’s school were. (In fact, she didn’t even know the name of the charter school.)

I called the school again, and they told me that the bus had gone there but already departed back to the school.

I jumped in the car and drove through more rain and giant puddles and got to the school, only to find that there were no cross country kids. The secretary was busy with another mother for 5 endless minutes.

When I could finally ask her, it turned out that I must have somehow passed the bus and gotten to the school 10 minutes before the kids got back.

Thus, I’ve been hurrying and hustling for one hour and never found my child.

When he finally arrived, I really had to hug him, even though it embarrasses him in front of his friends.




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